Thermostatic Cartridge for Crosswater XCP0000251B RV Multifunction (SC531WC) | Rainbar (pre 2009)

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Thermostatic Cartridge for Crosswater XCP0000251B RV Multifunction (SC531WC) | Rainbar (pre 2009)

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This is a replacement thermostatic cartridge for Crosswater RV Multifunctional part number XCP0000251B. The XCP0000251B is used on: - Crosswater Rainbar and is used on pre 2009 models - SC531WC RV Plus Thermostatic Shower - Cross SC531WC valve. Flow Cart X2A035N-H thermo TCG531FA1 or XCP0000251BThis cartridge is also known as CP0000251 / CP-0000251 / CP0000251B / XCP0000251Please note that this cartridge doesn't have a secondary (larger) threaded spline with teeth, therefore if you do have this on the upper brass barrel, the cartridge will fit and function correctly however the plastic temperature stop ring won't function and will enable the user to turn from hot to cold without pressing a button.Main Reasons to Replace Thermostatic Cartridge - Water temperature doesn't do what you've told it to do. This could be hold holding the correct temperature or the water could fluctuate sporadically. - Temperature handle becomes stiff to turn or won't turn at all. - Water is leaking from the valve where the thermostatic cartridge is.Technical Information on the Cartridge Cartridge Length: n/a Diameter: n/a Number of O'Rings: 3 Material: Brass Type: Screw in Gauze Filters: 2 Please pop us a message via our shower spares finder if you have any questions regarding the Crosswater XCP0000251B or need assistance in identifying shower or tap valve parts. + You can also reach us on WhatsApp (07379 120664). Di Vapor is here to serve your spares needs Messages received on a weekend will be attended to on Monday.
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