Grohe 47600000 Thermostatic Cartridge with Shuttle Piston and Wax Thermostat Element for Avensys and Grohmaster Valves

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Grohe 47600000 Thermostatic Cartridge with Shuttle Piston and Wax Thermostat Element for Avensys and Grohmaster Valves

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Grohe 47600000 thermostatic cartridge with wax element control unit for Avensys and Grohmaster shower valves (Code also can be written 47600 000)This cartridge comes WITH the wax thermostat element and plastic piston shuttle which is pictured. The wax thermostat element is the part of the cartridge which moves to regulate the temperature of the water. If you need to replace one of these parts, it's likely all of them will need to be replaced as they'll all be nearing the end of their life cycle.Please be aware that most other sellers don't include the wax element. It is this part which controls the temperature of the shower and is at the heart of the shower. If this part stops working the shower will not regulate water temperature correctly.The 47600000 cartridge is used in the following shower valves: - Grohe Avensys Exposed Single Thermostat Mixing Valve - Grohe Grohmaster 34 037 & 34 038 Avensys D08 Single Control Mixing Valve - Grohe Grohmaster 34 033 Avensys Thermostatic Single Ev - Grohe Grohmaster 34 045 Avensys Trad. Thermostatic Single 1/2" Inch - Grohe Grohmaster 34 044 Avensys Trad. Thermostatic Single 1/2" Inch - Grohe grohmaster 34 035 Avensys Thermostatic Single BivAbout the Grohe 47600000 Spare Part: Grohe 47600000 Control Unit This set includes:– Wax Thermo-Element– Shuttle Piston– 2 O-RingsGROHE 47600000 is capable of handling high water pressure up to 5.0 bar.Grohe Avensys 47600000 Shower Cartridge Replacement Guide in Ten Simple Steps Appropriate for high and low water pressure, the Grohe Avensys is a single lever thermostatic shower mixer that comes in an exposed valve version and a built-in valve version. The units are factory calibrated to a maximum temperature of 41℃ (105.8℉). GROHE 47600000 is the cartridge assembly that will readily fit in the Avensys.In attempting a Grohe Avensys cartridge replacement, one should not forget to isolate water supply lines to minimize cold shock or burns from unintentional water flow.Step OneRemove the Grohe end cap to get to the screw holding the lever handle in place. Use a screwdriver to loosen the screw. The handle will fall off on its own. Be careful that it does not fall to the ground.Step TwoRemove the Grohe fastening set by undoing the screw to release the part.Step ThreeRemove the cover ring and the stop ring.Step FourUse a 30-millimeter spanner to loosen and free the cartridge housing, the wax thermostat capsule, and the shuttle slider.Step FiveClean the valve housing using a small brush and rinse it with water.Step SixConstruct the Grohe 47600000 control unit for Avensys and coat the O-rings with the proper silicone grease made for plumbing.Step SevenInsert the cartridge in the valve seat and tighten with the spanner until it stays in place.Step EightReattach the stop ring and the cover ring.Step NineScrew the fastening part back.Step TenReattach the handle and screw it securely in place.Once the cartridge is changed, open hot and cold water supplies to check if the installation is done flawlessly.Other Useful InformationGROHE 47600000 comes factory calibrated out of the box. This pre-set setting can be changed to suit user preference. Calibrating the control unit can be done by inserting a thin screwdriver right in the middle of the cartridge head. Turn it anti-clockwise to increase the temperature (make it hotter) and clockwise to reduce the temperature (make it colder).This Grohe spare part will be shipped out on the same day when ordered before 3:00 PM from Mondays to Fridays.
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