Thermostatic Cartridge for Crosswater XCP0000251B-C RV Multifunction | SC531WC Rainbar (With Toothed Spline)

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Thermostatic Cartridge for Crosswater XCP0000251B-C RV Multifunction | SC531WC Rainbar (With Toothed Spline)

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This is a replacement thermostatic cartridge for Crosswater RV Multifunctional SC531WC part number XCP0000251B-C. The cartridge is a variation of the XCP0000251B cartridge with the difference that it has a toothed spline for the temperature stop ring.This cartridge is also known as CP0000251 C / CP-0000251 C / CP0000251B C / XCP0000251 The cartridge is used on the following shower valves: - RV Plus Chrome SC 531 WC - Crosswater SC531WC valve. Other Crosswater SC531WC Spares: - Flow Cart X2A035N-H - Thermo TCG531FA1 or XCP0000251B. Technical Information: XCP0000251B-C Crosswater Compatible Shower Cartridge Cartridge Length: 75mm Diameter: n/a Number of O'Rings: 3 Material: Brass Type: Push Fit Gauze Filters: 2 Cartridge Compatibility: Crosswater Spare Part: Thermostatic Cartridge (XCP0000251B-C) Installation: Push Fit This Crosswater XCP0000251B-C Thermostatic Cartridge can be dispatched on the same day when ordered before 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday. The XCP0000251B-C thermostatic cartridge is suitable for Crosswater’s RV Exposed Thermo Shower (SC531WC). The shower valve pours up to eight liters of water per minute. It has a fail-safe control where the temperature is kept within the range of more or less 1.5℃ and an instant shower shut off in the event of water supply failure. The cartridge plays an important role in delivering these safety features that keep a shower user protected from sudden burns or thermal shock. We carry different Crosswater spare parts for different shower valves. - You can message us and we will help you find the spare part you need. Crosswater XCP0000251B-C: Five Facts About Thermostatic Cartridges Before the invention of the thermostatic cartridge, such as the XCP0000251B-C, showers were either done cold or hot water was manually delivered to a bathing space. In 1880 a man hailed from a coastal port in Canada named Thomas Campbell applied to patent the first-ever mixer tap. Through this device, soothing and warm showers are now an actuality. 1. Valve or Cartridge? There are times when distinguishing between the terminologies valve or cartridge can get a little bit confusing. A valve is the whole unit where the supply pipes are attached and where cartridges are seated. The handle is also a part of the valve. On the other hand, a cartridge is the regulator inside the valve. It facilitates water flow when the bath tap is switched on and it moderates the thermostat of water in accordance with a showerer’s preference. The cartridge can be replaced once its lifespan is exhausted. The XCP0000251B-C is a thermostatic cartridge which means it controls shower water temperature as the user turns the control knob. We have a Cartridge Identification Guide to help you spot which cartridge your shower valve requires. 2. Wax Thermostat Capsule Hidden within a thermostatic cartridge is a wax element making temperature control viable. The capsules contain a mixture of copper and wax which contracts and expands as water temperature gets cold and hot. It is a type of wax thermostat referred to as a flat diaphragm element. A thermostatic element uses heat energy converted into mechanical energy. As the wax puffs due to an increase in temperature, the piston held in the capsule will rise. The opposite happens when the water temperature is low. This rising and falling of the piston successfully regulate shower water thermostat. 3. The Toric Joint a.k.a. the O-Ring The toric joint, more commonly known as the O-ring, is a means for leak prevention. It is a circular ring where the edges are chunky and rounded – as opposed to a washer which is flat. O-rings can endure both internal and external plumbing system pressure. A cartridge can have at least one o-ring. These rings can and will
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