YANGFAN 3 in 1 Lazy Home Mini Smart Sweeping Robot

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YANGFAN 3 in 1 Lazy Home Mini Smart Sweeping Robot

Por Yangfan

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Material:100% ABS Product features�� 1.Slim body,easy to clean,narrow spaces can also be moved freely,sofas and beds can be easily turned in,flexible cleaning without corners. 2.Low noise cleaning,clean and enjoy every moment,our sweeper has low working noise and life is too turbulent,let us enjoy the quiet of this moment. 3.The extended side brush has a central suction port for a larger cleaning range.The double-sided extended cleaning brush,matched with a central suction port,makes cleaning cleaner and has higher cleaning efficiency. 4.With a large capacity of 1200 mAh,it is easy to handle a large house,and with a large-capacity battery,it has a longer battery life. 5.Clean mopping cloth,effective decontamination and highly clean. 6.Sweep and raise dust and stubborn garbage,bilateral brushes quickly gather garbage;suction dust and hair have nowhere to escape,1800pa suction,all inhaled;mopping is cleaner Suck away the rubbish and drag it for a cleaner. 7.High sensitivity,no omission of scanning;sensitive collision avoidance,universal rotation sweeping;low repetition, high coverage,reducing the repetition rate of cleaning and improving the coverage rate of the whole house. 8.Large suction power,prevent falling,long-lasting battery life,sweeping,vacuuming and mopping the floor.

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Marca Yangfan
Categoria Vassouras Mecânicas
Cor White
Tamanho 23x5cm
Identificação da Fruugo 50869203-101744893
EAN 0711731292151
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