Vado CAR-K35B Polymer 35mm Ceramic Lever Cartridge

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Vado CAR-K35B Polymer 35mm Ceramic Lever Cartridge

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Vado CAR-K35B Polymer 35mm Ceramic Lever Cartridge. This spare cartridge can be found in the following valves: - AXI/RAD-100 - AXI/RAD-108 - AXI/RAD-110 - AXI/RAD-123 - AXI/RAD-131 - ELA-150S - ELW-150S - ION-100 - ION-110 - ION-123 - LIF-100 - LIF-110 - LIF-149 - MAG-100M/SB - MAG-100M - NUA-100S - NUA-150S - NOT-109S - ORI-100S - ORI-150S - ORI-149 - PHA-100 - PHA-110 - PHA-123 - PHO-100 - PHO-123 - PRT-109/SL - NOT-109S-C/PThe Vado CAR-K35B will be dispatched on the same day when purchased before 3:00 PM on weekdays.Frequently Asked Questions: Vado CAR-K35B Shower Spare PartGot questions about the Vado CAR-K35B? Please contact us and we will gladly respond to you as soon as we can. Question: Will lifting the handle remove it from the shower valve? I have removed the screw but cannot remove the handle.Answer: There can be times when removing the handle might be harder than usual. This can be attributed to corrosion and/or hard water build-up. Use extra force to remove the handle, or use a loosening agent that will soften the build-up.Question: Can I fit this in Ideal Standard A6505AA?Answer: The Vado spare part (CAR-K35B) is applicable in the showers stated above. The spare part you are looking for is A960569NU.We have many Vado spare parts, such as:– Vado thermostatic cartridges, – Vado flow cartridges, – and the Vado Evo Slide Rail Shower Kit.

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