Single Way Electromagnetic Valve Solenoid for Steam Shower EMV

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Single Way Electromagnetic Valve Solenoid for Steam Shower EMV

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The electromagnetic valve or solenoid valve acts as an electrical switch to control water flow to shower features such as the overhead shower or water jets.This valve will be controlled by using the control panel that sends signals to open and close the water flow through this valve. The symptoms of failure of this valve may be a lack of water to the feature that this solenoid valve is connected to. Failure of this part can sometimes be caused by a water leak onto the valve.This valve is a single way solenoid (0760-2822770) with an input electrical supply of DC 12 Volts. This valve has two electrical connections for installation. This single valve will control the water flow to a single shower feature or a group of jets. The valve contains a small gauze that stops debris flowing through the valve.The plastic pipe has a diameter of 20mm to include its thread. The distance between the fixing screws is 40mm
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