Ultra DC70T32-M Thermostatic Cartridge (32 Teeth) for Dual Shower Valve (Valquest DC70T32 / DC70-T32)

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Ultra DC70T32-M Thermostatic Cartridge (32 Teeth) for Dual Shower Valve (Valquest DC70T32 / DC70-T32)

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Genuine Ultra Group DC70T32-M thermostatic cartridge (32 Teeth) which is used in dual shower valves (Valquest DC70T32 / DC70-T32). This cartridge is TMV2 certified.Important** This cartridge has 32 teeth on the top spindle / spline. If you require the 20 tooth version (DC70T20), please click here**.This 32 toothed cartridge is used in the following brands and models: - Hudson ReedManufacturer: Ultra ValquestProduct: Thermostatic Cartridge with 32 Spline TeethInstallation: Push-FitMaterial: PolymerDC70T32-M Ultra Shower Cartridge Replacement Part Technical SpecificationsThis genuine Ultra Valquest DC70T32-M thermostatic cartridge is for dual shower valves equipped with Valquest cartridges. This specific cartridge has 32 spline notches. If the number of teeth does not match with your old cartridge, this will not fit in your shower unit. Please check the measurements and the teeth count before making a purchase. You can also contact us and we will help you determine if this is the right cartridge for your shower.Cartridge Measurements (Approximate):Total Length: 116.9mmDiameter at Widest Point: 70mmTop Spline Diameter: 10.5mmTop Spline Teeth / Notches: 32Thermostatic cartridge replacement part, DC70T32-M, for Hudson Reed and Ultra showers is a hot and cold reversible cartridge. This technology was patented by its manufacturer, Valquest. The cartridge was made using polymer engineered in the highest standard; it is WRAS (Water Regulatory Advisory Scheme) approved. Having polymer as a material means the Ultra DC70T32-M replacement part is considerably resistant to limescale calcification. It can accommodate low-pressure and high-pressure plumbing system.The cartridge is TMV2 certified. It is integrated with an anti-scald function that shuts off the shower in 1.5 seconds when cold or hot water pressure fails. This safeguards the shower user from sustaining burns or thermal shock.In a nutshell:– DC70T32-M is an Ultra shower cartridge replacement part.– It has 32 spline notches.– The thermostatic cartridge body is made from polymer giving it a certain resistance against limescale buildup.– Patented technology making hot and cold side interchangeable.– Supports low and high water pressure.– It is WRAS approved.– It is TMV2 compliant with anti-scald protection.Benefits of Replacing the CartridgeLeaking bath fillers or showers. Poor water flow. Difficulty controlling water thermostat. These are just three of the usual problems with shower valves. One of the reasons this happens is due to a broken thermostatic cartridge. By replacing a thermostatic cartridge gone defective, you can enjoy adequate water flow from the shower head or bath tap and ease in regulating water temperature. Plus, you can save money and conserve water with a drip-free tap.Ultra DC70T32-M InstallationDC70T32-M Ultra Valquest spare part is an easy fit thermostatic cartridge. It can regulate water temperature with precision based on a showerer’s preference. This “how-to” refers to the Ultra, Hudson Reed, and Premier dual control shower valve.1. Turn off hot and cold water supplies.2. Take out the decorative hot and cold indicator. Use a screwdriver to remove the centre screw.3. Unscrew the flow handle prong. It can be done by hand or wrap it with a rug and use tongue-and-groove pliers.4. With the prong out, there is a grub screw. Use a 4mm Allen key to unscrew it.5. Remove the valve cover by hand. Turn it anti-clockwise to remove. Force might be needed if the cover is tight. Or you can use rubber gloves.6. Note down the position of the stop ring. Take a picture of it, so you can return it in the same position when you reassemble the valve.7. To remove the stop ring, take the chrome nut out. If it is tight, try using rubber gloves or a rag and large grips.8. Slip the stop ring out.9. Remove the brass retaining collar. You can do this by placing 2 screwdrivers in 2 of the collar’s indents and then loosen the collar. You can also use grips.10. Remove the nylon washer.11. Lever the faulty push-fit cartridge out. Insert a screwdriver in the small opening above and below the valve body.12. Use silicone lubricant on the O-rings of the DC70T32-M replacement cartridge.13. Push the cartridge in the valve unit. 14. Proceed to reassemble the valve by following, in reverse, steps 1 to 10.

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