Trevi S960134NU Thermostatic Cartridge for Trevi Therm Shower Valves Post 1997

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Trevi S960134NU Thermostatic Cartridge for Trevi Therm Shower Valves Post 1997

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Genuine Trevi S960134NU Thermostatic Cartridge Assembly for Trevi Therm Shower Valves Post 1997 - 3/4".Technical Specification: S960134NU Trevi Thermostatic Cartridge The S960134NU thermostatic cartridge is the shower spare part for many Ideal Standard and Trevi valves manufactured after 1997. Information such as the measurements can help you determine if this is the required spare part for the shower you have to repair. Measurements Cartridge Length (including plastic wax element guard): 90.2mm Diameter (at widest point): 44mm Other Information Brand: Ideal Standard (Trevi) Part Number: S960134NU Type: Screw with thread Cartridge Material: Brass Number of O-rings: 3 Number of Gauze Filters: 2 Standard: NHS Model Engineering Specifications D 08 Other Names/Codes: idl, mk2, scx35 Other Ideal Standard Trevi Shower Spares – Trevi A952501NU11 Flow Cartridge is the most likely on/off flow cartridge counterpart if it's a Trevi Therm valve installed post 1997. – Aside from the S960134NU shower cartridge, we carry an extensive selection of in stock Trevi shower spares for many Ideal Standard Trevi shower valves. Shower Repair Questions and Answers: Ideal Standard Trevi S960134NU Should you have more questions about the S960134NU replacement Trevi and Ideal Standard thermostatic cartridge or need help in determining the spares you need, please pop us a message through our Find a Part page. You can also get in touch with our friendly spares experts via WhatsApp (07379 120664). We will gladly respond to your queries. Question My Trevi Wittlich shower has a poor flow rate. Sometimes it has a poor flow rate and then other times no water at all comes out, so is it the S960134NU thermostatic shower cartridge that is the problem? Answer The problem could either be the Trevi S960134NU thermostatic cartridge or the non-return valve. If you're getting absolutely no water flow, it does sound like the non-return valve could be at fault, however, you could also have blocked / gungy filters on your thermostatic shower cartridge. All water that comes out of your shower actually travels through these two gauze filters, therefore if they're obstructed in any way it will without a doubt affect the flow of water. Therefore if you clean those filters, it may fix the flow issue you're having. If you want to check the non-return valve, it can be found on either side of the thermostatic shower cartridge hexagonal nut. Question My Ideal Standard shower valve won't turn off. Is the S960134NU temperature cartridge the problem? Answer The S960134NU temp cartridge doesn't control the on / off function of the shower, therefore the temperature shower cartridge is not going to be the problem. If you're experiencing problems with the on-off function then the gear cogs may be slipping because they've threaded. Unfortunately, these are plastic and tend to lose the edge on their teeth. The replacement you'd need is Trevi shower spare: A963067NU. Question Our Trevi shower is running at one temperature; super hot. Can I confirm that the problem is the thermostatic cartridge? Answer Unless your cold pipe is blocked the problem is going to be the thermostatic cartridge. The shower cartridge has seized and is not mixing the cold and hot and therefore needs to be replaced. The cartridge you need is Treve shower spare S960134NU. Question My Ideal Standard shower is leaking from around the temperature control handle knob area. I assume the problem would be the thermo cart but can you confirm this please. Answer Yes, we'd think the problem is the thermostatic shower cartridge, as well as the leak, is coming from this area. Unless the actual valve in which it sits has deteriorated, replacing the shower cartridge with another Trevi shower spare S960134NU should likely fix the problem. If the new Trevi shower spare doesn't fix the problem then the leak might be coming from one of the flow valves (either the hot or cold), so you could try r
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