Thermoelement Kaja fur Thermostate 00430 - KAJA-00430

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Thermoelement Kaja fur Thermostate 00430 - KAJA-00430

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Thermoelement Kaja fur Thermostate 00430 - Ersatzteile Temperaturregel Einheit Kaja 00430 - Temperaturregeleinheit Kaja 00430Artikel-Nr.: 263968Artikelbezeichnung: Thermoelement Kaja furThermostate: 00430Hersteller: KAJAWerksnummer: 00430Werksnummer: THEBRTHT Frequently Asked Questions: Thermoelement Kaja for Thermostats 00430 Question: Why do I have to buy a new Kaja Thermoelement thermostatic cartridge? Is there any other solution to repair the thermostat 00430? Answer: Shower thermostatic cartridges, such as the Thermoelement Kaja, are affected by poor water conditions. Hard water affects over 60% of homes in the UK. It carries minerals calcium, chalk and lime among others. These minerals can collect and harden in the shower valve and the thermostatic cartridge. How hard water damages the Thermoelement Kaja for 00430 thermostats. – The build-up is rough and it can scratch the Thermoelement Kaja’s piston which works inside the thermostatic cartridge. The piston moves up and down to combine the right amount of hot and cold water to have a shower water outcome at just the right temperature.The Kaja thermostatic cartridge Thermoelement will have a hard time regulating water temperature when the piston gets damaged by hard water minerals. In worst cases, the shower can fail to regulate the temperature of water.– Accumulated minerals can create clogs in the Thermoelement Kaja thermostatic cartridge for thermostats 00430. Over time, small clogs can develop into bigger ones that can prevent more and more water from entering the cartridge. Since water has to pass through the thermostatic cartridge before reaching the shower head, this can yield a weak water flow rate. Hard water is just one of the factors that the Kaja Thermoelement has to withstand. Another thing that can and will negatively affect the cartridge is wear and tear. Like anything else, constant and prolonged use of any object will cause it to deteriorate. If your shower is experiencing symptoms such as irregular water temperature or weak water flow replacing the Thermoelement Kaja for thermostats 00430 is the best solution. Changing it right away can possibly be the most cost-effective solution because the longer you wait the more the build-up. This can make the cartridge stick inside the valve and make it irremovable. The result could be changing the whole valve which is more expensive. Got questions about the Kaja Thermoelement for thermostats 00430? Do you need help in ID’ing shower or tap or sauna spares? + Please contact us and we will be more than glad to personally respond to your queries. Weekend messages will be attended to on Monday. Looking for other shower spares? + Thermostatic Cartridges + Flow Cartridges + Diverter Cartridges + Shower Valve Handles + Shower Riser Rails and Hoses + Shower Mixer Valves Need the spares faster than the speed of light? + Make a purchase on a weekday before 3:00 PM (UK time) and the spares will be despatched on the same day. An expedite shipping option is available upon checkout.
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