Thermostatic Cartridge For Shires U960016AA Ely Premier Solent Concealed and Exposed Valves | U0670AA | U0671AA

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Thermostatic Cartridge For Shires U960016AA Ely Premier Solent Concealed and Exposed Valves | U0670AA | U0671AA

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Product Includes: - Thermostatic Cartridge replacement compatible with Ideal Standard Shires Ely Premier Solent U960016AA thermostatic mixer shower valves and all those on the list below.Shower Spares Compatibility: Thermostatic Cartridge For Shires U960016AA This thermostatic cartridge will fit the following Shires shower mixer valves. Take a look at some visual images of what valves this cartridge will fit in the image section above. There may be other Shires models that it fits into that aren't on the list:Shires U0670AA SOLENT MODERN CONCEALED VALVEShires U0671AA SOLENT TRADITIONAL CONCEALED VALVEShires U0672AA SOLENT MODERN EXPOSED HP VALVEShires U0673AA SOLENT WALL MOUNTED BATH/SHOWER HP VALVEShires U0675AA PREMIER CONCEALED SHOWER VALVEShires U0674AA PREMIER HP WALL MOUNTED BATH/SHOWER MIXERShires U0682AA ELY CONCEALED SHOWER VALVEShires U0683AA ELY CONCEALED SHOWER VALVE WITH DIVERTERLikely used in:Shires U0681AA ELY EXPOSED HP SHOWER VALVEShires U0678AA TEATRO CONCEALED SHOWER VALVEShires U0679AA TEATRO CONCEALED SHOWER VALVE WITH DIVERTORShires is an Ideal Standard company. This cartridge is used for other brands.Please see the last section for other Shires U960016AA shower spares and parts.If you can't find the cartridge which you're looking for or want to clarify you have the correct one, simply go to our Find a shower part page, upload a photo of the part you have and we'll tell you what part you need to order. Use our expertise and save yourself time, ensuring you get the right cartridge first time.Shires U960016AA Shower Thermostatic Cartridge Spare: Measurements and Other Information Shires Shower Spare Cartridge Measurements:Total Length: 98mmTop Spline Diameter: 7.5mmTop Spline Teeth / Notches: 20Other information:Spare Part: Shires Shower Thermostatic CartridgeInstallation: Screw InMaterial: BrassNumber of External O-Ring: 3Number of Guazing: 2 Frequently Asked Questions: Thermostatic Cartridge for Shires U960016AA, U0670AA and U0671AA Q: My tap is leaking. Do I have to replace the cartridge? A: The cartridge may have deteriorated if the leak is coming from the cartridge itself. Replacing the Shires U960016AA shower cartridge is the best solution. Q: How do I remove the cartridge stuck in the shower? A: A cartridge can be stuck in the valve because of hardened sediment. You can use WD40 to soften the scale or use a valve puller tool to remove the cartridge. You can also try tapping the sides of the valve where the cartridge is stuck and see if this loosens the sediment. How a Valve Produces a Tepid Shower Water TemperatureIn 1934, a man by the name of Sergius Vernet, who became the founder of the innovative flow control company, Verney; devised the wax thermostatic element. The invention, which was first applied as a temperature regulator in automobiles, made its way into the plumbing industry by the 1970s. Now, the benefits of the invention can be perceived throughout different shower and tap systems.Each Shires U960016AA, U0670AA and U0671AA thermostatic cartridge holds a flat diaphragm thermostat element. The thermo-element capsules contain copper and wax contracting and expanding contingent to the temperature of the water. The movement pushes the piston up and down exerting an influence on the amount of hot and cold water entering the inlet through the gauzings. It is then mixed to yield the temperature intended by the shower user. Lukewarm temperature is achieved when water is mixed in equal amounts.This thermostatic cartridge for Shires U960016AA will readily fit in concealed and exposed shower valves made by the Ideal Standard subsidiary, Shires. A lubricant made particularly for plumbing must be applied on the three o-rings of the cartridge. The grease serves as a surface film helping seat the cartridge properly and protecting the o-rings from wearing out; prolonging its life.The Shires U960016AA compatible shower spare thermostatic cartridge will be dispatched on the same day when it is purchased:- ordered on a weekday- before 3:00 PM.
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