Thermostatic Cartridge for Kohler 78913 K-400-K and K-401-K 3/4 Inch Master Shower Valves (Prior to 2006)

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Thermostatic Cartridge for Kohler 78913 K-400-K and K-401-K 3/4 Inch Master Shower Valves (Prior to 2006)

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Replacement thermostatic cartridge for Kohler 78913 K-400-K and K-401-K 3/4" Inch shower valves which were sold prior to 2006.We deliver this cartridge worldwide.Dimensions and technical information of the cartridge are as follows:Total Length: 103.7mm and 111.8 mm to the end of the thermostat element.Max Diameter: 42mm for body and 47.9 mm for threadNumber of Gauze Filters: 2Number of Spline Tiers: 2Cartridge Material: BrassNumber of O'Rings: 3The Kohler 78913 thermostatic cartridge can be used on the following Kohler valves: - K-400-K - K-401-KSolid brass cartridge with a Vernet thermostat element. Kohler 78913 Thermostatic Cartridge: Basic Plumbing Frequently Asked Questions It is best to replace the Kohler 78913 thermostatic cartridge once your shower begins find temperature regulation difficult or leaks develop. Do you need assistance matching thermostatic cartridges? Please contact our friendly spares experts who will gladly find the replacement part for your shower. + You can also reach us on WhatsApp (07379 120664). Di Vapor is here for your spares needs. Question: How can I tell if the Kohler K-400-K rough-in valve demands a 78913 thermostatic cartridge replacement? Answer: A replacement Kohler 78913 thermostatic cartridge is called for when the shower valve: – cannot adjust shower water temperature according to your preference; – the temperature adjustment handle becomes stiff to turn; – water is coming out from the temperature adjustment handle. Question: Is there any way I can know if the present Kohler 78913 thermostatic cartridge is the one that is causing the problem? Answer: You may need to have a look at three things depending on the problem. – Leaks can be caused by too much water pressure. An excess of pressure is detrimental to the Kohler thermostatic cartridge. – Temperature regulation and weak water flow rate can be the consequence of a lack of hot or cold water entering the valve. – Weak water flow rate can be due to mineral clogs in the steel filters of the Kohler 78913. Any blockage will prevent water from entering the cartridge. At the same time, it might be the reason for problems related to temperature regulation. No problems with water pressure or water feed entering the Kohler K-400-K or K-401-K could be evidence that the thermostatic cartridge 78913 might be the root cause of the problem and would need a replacement. Question: Can you give me tips for replacing the Kohler 78913? Answer: Sure, we can give you some tips on repairing the Kohler K-400-K or K-401-K with the 78913 thermostatic cartridge. – Before attempting to remove the faulty cartridge, isolate the hot and cold water supply. The isolation screws can be found on the sides of the valve. Water can also be shut off from the mains. – To unscrew the Kohler 78913 from the valve: Use a six-sided socket on the nut of the cartridge and a wrench on the larger spline of the cartridge. Turn both tools anti-clockwise simultaneously to release the cartridge. – Keep in mind the order of the parts you remove in order to access the thermostatic cartridge. These parts must be reassembled in reverse sequence. – If there is a stop ring, remember the orientation of its position before sliding it out of the valve. This part functions as a temperature limiter and has to be returned in the same position. Why source Kohler Shower Spares from Di Vapor? + Quality spares at reasonable prices. + Fantastic customer service. + Checkout process is safe and easy. + Same day dispatch for spares purchased before 3 PM, M-F.
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