Thermostatic Cartridge for GP0012174 / RV1102RC Crosswater / GR-05T SOL Assy

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Thermostatic Cartridge for GP0012174 / RV1102RC Crosswater / GR-05T SOL Assy

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This is a replacement thermostatic cartridge for the Crosswater / SOL GP0012174 / RV1102RC Assy assemblies. The cartridge is a screw fit installation. We deliver this cartridge worldwide. Replacement Cartridge for Crosswater GP0012174 and RV1102RC: Technical Information Total Length: 103.7mm and 111.8mm to the end of the thermostat element Max Diameter: 42mm for body and 47.9 mm for thread Number of Gauze Filters: 2 Number of Spline Tiers: 2 Cartridge Material: Brass Number of O'Rings: 3 Installation: Screw In SPACW0004 is the branded version of this cartridge. Crosswater GP0012174 and RV1102RC Replacement Cartridge Compatibility The thermostatic cartridge for Crosswater SOL GP0012174 can be used on the following shower models (yet isn't restricted to those in this list): - SOL Rubinetterie Ottelli 3/4 inch - Crosswater shower models - The plastic cover over the cartridge may have the codes: GS000 2207, GS2207, P12 - Crosswater GR-05T - SCFXX1 Please note that the plastic temperature stop ring (usually white) which attaches onto the larger spline at the top of the cartridge doesn't come with this cartridge therefore you'll have to use the one which is on your existing cartridge with the new thermostatic cartridge. The cartridge often goes by the code RV1102RC, SPACW0004, RV1103RC. Frequently Asked Questions: Thermostatic Cartridge Assembly for Crosswater SOL GP0012174 and RV1102RCQuestion - It's too stiff to unscrew, how can I can't unscrew it? Answer - Try using a lubricant which can loosen such as WD-40 and ensure you have a tool which can grip the cartridge tightly without slipping whilst offering sufficient leverage. Di Vapor has a number of in-stock Crosswater spare parts. + Please drop us a message if you have trouble finding the right cartridge for your shower. We are always here to serve you. About the Crosswater Sol compatible thermostatic cartridge assembly GP0012174 / RV1102RC A wax capsule can be found inside the Crosswater GP0012174 / RV1102RC. The capsule is responsible for water temperature regulation by counterbalancing the flow of hot and cold water to generate a preferable temperature. Is your Crosswater thermostatic cartridge assembly GP0012174 / RV1102RC broken? Thermostatic cartridges can break down for several reasons such as debris buildup or inconsistent supply of hot and cold water. The cartridge will need to be replaced if it is unable to control water temperature. This is one of the ways to know if your Crosswater shower thermostatic cartridge is showing signs of failure. Manually Testing a Wax Capsule Materials Needed: 1 small cup of hot water 1 small cup of cold water Wax cartridge capsule Marker Note: Please do not pull the piston out of the wax capsule. To see whether a wax capsule is in excellent working mode, or if it is time to discard it, please follow this simple test. The test is not infallible but will give a conclusive answer in most instances. 1. Hold the wax capsule at the tip of the piston. Dip it in a small cup with cold water for a few seconds until its temperature drops. 2. Pull it out of the water and use a felted marker or pen to mark the point on the piston where it came out. 3. After marking the piston, dip the capsule in the cup of hot water. The piston will involuntarily push upward as the wax inside expands. The piston will raise three to four millimeters. 4. Take it out of the hot water and dip it back in cold water to let the temperature fall. 5. Take it out of the cold water and try pressing the piston down. If it goes back in the capsule, the wax capsule’s thermostat is functioning well. Do you need the wax thermo-element? - We have a range of wax thermostatic elements suited for mixer showers. Speedy delivery: This thermostatic cartridge replacement part for Crosswater Sol GP0012174 / RV1102RC can be dispatched on the same day when purchased before 3:00 PM, Monday to Friday.
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