SK1500-1 Seal Kit (TS1500) for Sirrus, Bristan and Gummers Thermostatic Cartridges

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SK1500-1 Seal Kit (TS1500) for Sirrus, Bristan and Gummers Thermostatic Cartridges

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Replacement SK1500-1 seal kit for servicing Sirrus, Bristan and Gummers thermostatic shower cartridges.The seal kit includes what you can see in the photo. The kit doesn't include hard white plastic spacer washers as this part rarely falters.This seal kit is designed to replace the seals on the following thermostatic cartridges: - Sirrus SK1500-7CP Antique 1500 - Sirrus SKBQ1503-973C 1503 - SK1500-7GP Sirrus Antique 1500 - Hathaway PARENT-277 (name of valve) - Sirrus 1500 SK1503-2LP - Sirrus SK1500-2 - Sirrus SKBQ1500-2CPIncludedNumber of O rings: 17Number of E clips (circlips): 1Postage within the UK will cost £1.95 for this seal kit.Common Questions Regarding the SK1500-1 Seal Servicing KitQuestion: How do I remove the thermostatic cartridge from the shower valve?Answer: Generally, all of the cartridges that use this servicing kit will have a 30mm nut on the cartridge housing, therefore you'll need a 30mm spanner or box spanner. To extract the cartridge, turn counter clockwise. If the cartridge won't turn, try tapping the end of the spanner with a hammer.Question: My shower is leaking from around the thermostatic cartridge part of the valve. Do I need a new cartridge or do will this seal kit fix the problem?Answer: It depends whether your shower is regulating water temperature correctly. If there is no issue with the water temperature being regulated properly then the issue is probably one of the seals. The seals can deteriorate over time, so you'll have to replace the seals. This kit will hopefully fix the leak.Question: Does the seal kit come with instructions? Answer: Unfortunately there are no written instructions with the seal kit. You will have to use a bit of common sense when replacing this seal kit. The best way to do this is to take one of the seals off of the thermostatic cartridge and then match that up to one of the seals in this kit. By holding the o-ring from the cartridge next to the one in the kit, it should be evident and straight forward to find a match. It's just a puzzle game.Question: How is the circlip removed from the cartridge?Answer: If you don't have circlip pliers then you will have to use another tool such as a flat head screw driver to push the circlip off. This will require a bit of force and it is advisable to use gloves should you slip. Again, let me stress that again; if you don't have circlip pliers and intend to remove the circlip using another tool, please be careful as the cartridge has a tendency to roll or move which could cause injury if a lot of pressure is applied. The circlip just needs to be widened to get it off the cartridge spline.Question: How do I get the hardened seals off my existing cartridge? Answer: This depends what tools you have at your disposal. If you have something like a curved dental pick, this is ideal to get in under the seal, hook it and pull it off. If you don't have one of these in the house you can try using an alternative. We have heard of some people using long pins. So long as it does the job and is safe, give it a shot.Question: I replaced the seals but now I am having water temperature problems. What am I doing wrong?Answer: Perhaps the cartridge was not put together properly after the new seals were put on. The most common mistake is to either completely forget to put the wax thermostatic element back into the plastic piston or it is to put the piston and element in the wrong way.If everything is how it should be then it may be that the element within the cartridge has failed and you have just got unlucky. The wax element which is used in this cartridge can be found here: - Sirrus SK740012 Wax Thermostat.Question: Do you sell the piston and thermostatic as well as the seal kit?Answer: Yes, the piston and thermostat that is used in the cartridges that this seal kit services is the Sirrus SK1500-3 Thermostat and Piston .This SK1500-1 service kit is used on the thermostatic cartridge in the following shower valve models: - Sirrus Aquatania Shower Valve - 1500 Antique - Thermostatic Shower Antica - Bristan Cardinal Thermostatic Shower With Rigid Riser - Chrome - St James Thermostatic Shower Valve - Showerforce 966 T (Newteam) - Santura Plc Antique - Cifial Elson Thermostatic Valve - Faucet Thermostatic Shower Valve - Showerforce Victorian T (Newteam) 1500 - Thermostatic Shower - Bristan Cardinal Thermostatic Shower With Rigid Riser & Diverter - Chrome - Aquatania Bc Sanitan / Aquatania - Tre Mer
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