Se electronics x1 s large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with mic boom stand and deluxe accessory bundle

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Se electronics x1 s large-diaphragm cardioid condenser microphone with mic boom stand and deluxe accessory bundle

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Designed for professional vocal and instrument recording, the sE Electronics X1 S is a cardioid condenser microphone suitable for project studios, home studio setups, mobile rigs, and more. The X1 S offers pristine sound quality and a switchable -10 or -20dB attenuation pad giving you high dynamic range, with high SPL handling capability of up to 160dB. A selectable 80 Hz or 160 Hz low-cut filter effectively eliminates low-frequency rumble or footfall noise. The low-cut filters also compensate for excessive bass with close-mic techniques (proximity effect) allowing you to record even very loud instruments like super-heavy electric guitars, fortissimo brass instruments, and heavy-footed kick drums.Constructed in an all-metal chassis, the X1 S efficiently rejects electrical interference and noise. The microphone features a handcrafted and hand-tuned gold-sputtered capsule, which provides directional focus and reduces off-axis sounds. With the gold-plated XLR connector, you get loss-free reliable connection and with a premium finish, you get a classic high-quality looking microphone for years to come. The X1 S is a versatile microphone that revolutionizes the potential of an affordable hand-crafted condenser mic for a complete recording solution.Deluxe Accessory Bundle:Rugged & Lightweight Microphone Boom Stand - Steel construction and collapsible designXpix Mic Pop Filter 4- Layer Mesh Screen Filtration - Improves vocal recording sound by eliminating unwanted noise, flexible gooseneckXpix XLR 10ft Cable - Interconnect pro audio equipment Microphone Sanitizer - Fresh smelling, anti-bacterial conditioner
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