Swirl Y201 MicroPor® Plus Vacuum cleaner bag 4 pc(s)

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Swirl Y201 MicroPor® Plus Vacuum cleaner bag 4 pc(s)

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MicroPor® Plus Anti-allergen-filtrationA maximum of more noticeable cleanliness is ensured if the swirl MicroPor® Plus Filter. This filter layer not only keeps normal house dust, but also of all genes fine dust in the form of pollen, mold spores, bacteria in the bag and Milbenkot. For allergy sufferers, this means a relief from allergenem fine dust in the air.The dirt lock dust cap for comfortable, clean disposalWhat's the highest quality with a vacuum cleaner and jam vacuum bag, if the dust cap as a weak point proves? Especially when changing the vacuum cleaner bag get fine dust in the environment and can, therefore, the health of the people. The dirt lock dust cap, what he promises, because after the removal of the vacuum cleaner bag provides its well-conceived locking mechanism ensures that the dust when disposing of the full vacuum cleaner bag stays there where it belongs. Simply comfortably and safely clean.Per NatureThe development of new swirl - for the sake of environment. The new swirl vacuum cleaner bags with the Pro Nature seal consist of at least 40% recycled material and renewable resources. In this way, a contribution to environmental protection and the swirl conservation of resources.For the highest suction power until the full bagThe swirl airs pace® technology provides a uniform dust distribution in the bag and thus for a long useful life. This requires the bag less likely to be changed and there is less waste.TUeV certifiedThe TUeV NORD, an independent test laboratory, the filtration of fine dust, allergens and germs as well as the maintenance of the suction power tested and confirmed. For this reason, the swirl vacuum cleaner bags with MicroPor Plus filters the TUeV NORD Certification.Swirl MicroPor® Plus vacuum cleaner bags…... Are the rounded corners of the swirl MicroPor® Plus vacuum cleaner bags a concession to the product design? No, because here is the optics of the function: it guarantees a perfect fit in all vacuum cleaners and ensures optimum utilisation of the dust room in the vacuum cleanerThis text is machine translated.


Marca Swirl
Categoria Lava-Tudo
Entrega do produto 4 dust bag,1 motor filter.
Identificação da Fruugo 8434980-18171701
EAN 4006508205844
Matrícula de retalhista PT980465915

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