Pet Bell, 2 Pack Metal Bell Dog With Non Skid Rubber Dog Door Bell

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Pet Bell, 2 Pack Metal Bell Dog With Non Skid Rubber Dog Door Bell

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Color: 2pcs white, 2pcs blue, 2pcs white + blueMaterial: Stainless steel and ABS plasticProduct size: 284 x 284 x 187 inches/72x 72x 5cmPackage Includes: 2 x Pet Training Bells1Effective Potty TrainingTeaching pet to ring a bell to go out out or go to the toilet, instead of scratching on the door and bark to get your attention, the button at the top is flat and wide which is easy for a dog or cat to press it, Set of two bells can be placed outside or inside the door2Non-skid Rubber Bottom There are 3 rubber feet under the bottom helps keep the bell in placeIt won't be easy sliding on the floor and also can protect the floor to prevent scratches3For Small Dogs and CatsThis palm size pet training with diameter 284 inch/72 cm, and the bell is made of stainless steel, ABS plastic and has cutely paw print4Clear Ring Because it is not hanging on the door, the pet can press the bell with the paws to make the sound louder and avoid missing bell signal5How to Train Your Pet STEP 1: Place the doorbells on the doorknobSTEP 2: When your dog needs to go out, bring them to the doorbells and ring the bells with their paw and give your dog a command, then open the door to let them outSTEP 3: Repeat the process again and again when you dog needs go out, for three weeks or shorter, always giving the same command and praiseThen you dog will be remember this way

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