Brass Screw in Thermostatic Cartridge M8-07 (Flat Bottom Version)

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Brass Screw in Thermostatic Cartridge M8-07 (Flat Bottom Version)

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M8 thermostatic cartridge replacement with a flat bottom as opposed to a hexagonal nut bottom.Technical Information and MeasurementsTotal Cartridge Length (including thermostat element): 103.7mmLength of cartridge from top of spline to bottom of brass body: 97.3mmNumber of teeth on top spindle spline (which the temperature handle connects onto): 20Width of top spindle spline (which the temperature handle connects onto): 7.5mmNumber of teeth of second toothed spline (which the temperature stop ring connects onto): 45Width of second toothed spline (which the temperature stop ring connects onto): 20mmDiameter of screw thread: 35.8mmDiameter of top O'ring: 34.5mmDiameter of middle O'ring: 34.5mmDiameter of bottom O'ring: 34mmNumber of O'Rings: 3Material: BrassType: Screw inGauze Filters: 2Wax Element: Vernet (France) (at the bottom of the cartridge on the wax thermostat element, it will read . Vernet . France . ).Everybody wants to be sure the brass thermostatic cartridge replacement part they will buy is the correct one. If you need assistance in determining if this flat round bottom brass thermostatic cartridge is apt for your shower valve model, please feel free to contact us. We are always here to serve your plumbing needs.This Brass Screw-In Thermostatic Cartridge with Vernet wax thermo-element can be sent to you through next day delivery when purchased on a weekday, before the 3:00 PM cutoff.We have a troubleshooting guide for Vernet related spare parts.A Checklist to Manually Identify the Right Brass Screw-In Thermostatic Cartridge Spare PartCartridges come in a lot of shapes, types, and measurements. Some have numbers stamped on the cartridge body while others have none. The numbers are there to point you to the exact cartridge that goes perfectly with your shower unit. Cartridges that have no identification number, you can measure its dimensions and compare them with those given above. (Or, you can opt to send us a photo of the cartridge you need and we will look for its equivalent for you.)Here is a checklist to help you manually identify if this brass screw-in thermostatic cartridge equipped with a Vernet wax thermo-element is the correct one for your shower unit.Check if your thermostatic cartridge has these physical properties:– A round flat bottom or a hexagonal bottom.– Threads on the barrel (screw-in), a grub screw slot, or neither (push-fit) of the two for fitment.– The number of gauzing.– The number of O-rings.– The number of spline notches.– The number of spline tiers.– Is it made of brass, ceramic, or polymer?Check your cartridge’s measurements. You can use a measuring tape or a ruler to measure:– The overall length of the thermostatic cartridge.– The screw threads or neck of the cartridge.– The height of the headhex nut. (This is where you grip the spanner.)

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