Technical Jewellery Design Template For D Shape Ring Shanks

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Technical Jewellery Design Template For D Shape Ring Shanks

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This technical jewellery design template for D Shape profile ring shanks is the perfect tool for creating fast and accurate renderings of your ring designs. The template features stencils of a complete D Shaped band, along with stencils for several different shoulder options including tapered shoulders, wide shoulders, crossover styles and gaps for drawing collets and gemstones. All the ring designs on this specialist template are in a diagonal perspective, and marked perspective lines help you to accurately line up additional design elements such as collets and stones to add to your initial ring design. Perfect for designing D Shaped wedding bands, engagement rings or dress rings, this template allows you to provide your customers with a realistic rendering of your designs and can also make the process of manufacturing your jewellery clearer and easier to understand. The template also features a 15cm ruler along the bottom edge for drawing your technical jewellery designs to scale.

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