Mini Handheld Portable Usb Rechargeable Nebulizer Cold Mist Inhaler For Children Adults

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Mini Handheld Portable Usb Rechargeable Nebulizer Cold Mist Inhaler For Children Adults

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Fine particles: large mist, fine atomized particles, particles up to 1 to 5 m, more adequate absorption of the drug Fast speed: microporous spray sheet, atomization speed 0.2ml / min Mute: thanks to piezoelectric components, low noise design is quieter Less residue: 0.5 ml chemical residue, economical to use Light booster flashing: green light on means normal operation, red light on means the battery is discharged or the voltage is insufficient Energy saving and environmental protection: skin friendly and environmentally friendly environment, the mask is made of PP (polypropylene) as the main material and does not contain DEHP (ie plasticizer / plasticizer) Power supply configuration: lithium battery Product Parameter 1. The capacity of the lithium battery is 800 mA 2. Loading time : 2 hours 3. Working hours: can work continuously for an hour and a half 4. The battery can be removed and this machine has only one battery. 5. Atomized particles 3-5mu 6. The residual liquid level is 0 3. 7. Material: 316 stainless steel for the mesh 8. Atomization rate 0.526 ml / min Package contents 1 x atomizer-1 x adapter 1 x adult face mask-1 x child face mask 1 x Atomizing Mouthpiece-1 x Dust Cover 1 x Power Adapter Cable-1 x English User Manual Note: Due to manual measurement , please allow 0-3cm difference. Thanks for understanding. The monitor calibration method is different. The color of the product shown in the photo may be slightly different from the actual product. Please refer to our size before ordering. Delivery quantity: 1 piece

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