Square Shower Body Water Jet (One Way) for Steam Shower or Shower Enclosure

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Square Shower Body Water Jet (One Way) for Steam Shower or Shower Enclosure

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This square body jet has a chrome finish around a central graphite coloured centre. This body jet has 9 spray holes where the water comes out in a continuous sequence to massage the body of the user.This is a one-way water jet. This means that the jet should be installed at the end of a sequence of water jets as the output pipe is blocked off on this jet. This jet is also supplied in a two-way version.When installed the chrome section of this jet will protrude 26mm from the shower surface. This hydromassage water jet is directional and can easily be moved to change the direction of the spray.This square water jet can be installed through a hole in the shower surface that is approximately 34mm in diameter. The jet is secured into place from the rear of the shower with a supplied screw nut and rubber washer. It may be necessary to use silicone to ensure a water tight finish at the rear of the shower. It is advised to water test the shower fully to test for any leaks prior to moving the shower back into place.

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