Matki CS P100000159 Thermostatic Cartridge (P0000000159)

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Matki CS P100000159 Thermostatic Cartridge (P0000000159)

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Matki CS P100000159 Thermostatic Cartridge (P0000000159) screw in replacement for Matki Elixir EX003 concealed, exposed and bar shower mixer valves.Thread Diameter: 41.7mmTotal Length (including wax thermostat that protrudes from the centre of the base): 105.5mmFrequently Asked Questions: Matki Elixir Thermostatic Shower Cartridge Replacement – P100000159Question: How do I remove the cartridge from the Matki Elixir?Answer: It will depend on whether your Matki shower unit is concealed or exposed. But, here are the general steps in accessing, removing, and replacing the Matki shower cartridge:1. Remove the handle.2. Remove the wallplate (for concealed types).3. Remove the temperature stop ring.4. Use a spanner (turn it anti-clockwise) to extract the old cartridge.5. Coat the O-rings of the replacement Matki Elixir shower thermostatic cartridge (P100000159) with plumbing grease.6. Introduce the new cartridge in the shower valve and tighten it with just the right amount of torque.7. Reassemble the wallplate and handle.Question: Leaking Matki shower. Should I replace the temperature cartridge? Answer: Leaks are one of the main reasons why cartridges are replaced. However, cartridges are not always the cause of the leak. Check the components (especially those made of rubber) of the shower valve to see if it is still functioning optimally or if it has deteriorated. If there is nothing wrong with the shower unit, changing the Matki Elixir thermostatic cartridge will likely solve the problem.If the leak persists the problem may come from the flow cartridge or the hot/cold valves.Got questions? – Please leave us a message. We will do our very best to respond to you as fast as we can. – (Weekdays only. For weekend messages, we will respond to you first thing, as soon as Monday comes.)We’ve got a lot of Matki spare parts available. In that link, you can see Matki replacement cartridges, shower door handle replacement, and shower seals for Matki showers.

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