Square Shower Hydromassage Water Body Jet (2-way)

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Square Shower Hydromassage Water Body Jet (2-way)

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This chrome finished body jet comprises of a fixed chrome section that sits against the shower wall and a movable front section that allows the jets water spray direction to be altered. The jets front surface is finished in a grey/graphite colour with 9 rubber spray nozzles.When installed the front surface of this jet will sit 26mm from the shower wall surface. This jet is easily installed by creating a hole through the shower wall and affixing from behind. The jet is held into place at the rear of the shower by a fixing screw nut and washer.This body jet is a mid-sequence, two-way jet. This means that water will flow to this jet and then on to another jet in a sequence. This jet can also be supplied as a one-way version for the end of a jet sequence.
  • Identificação da Fruugo: 42394194-86760239
  • EAN: 5060387448883
  • Matrícula de retalhista: GB892423900

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