Bigjigs Sugarbush Draft Mare - Black Blanket W Spots

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Bigjigs Sugarbush Draft Mare - Black Blanket W Spots

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The Sugarbush Draft is an interesting cross breed mixing a draft breed with an Appaloosa breed. The outcome is a beautiful multi tasker, not shy of draft work and at the same time elegant and smooth enough for saddle work or fox hunting. The descent of an Appaloosa is clearly shown in the CollectA model and yet, the whole body physis is very different from that. The Sugarbush Draft horse is a new American breed. The first foal was born in 1999. Originally bred as eye,catching carriage horses for The Sugarbush Hitch Co. in Ohio, today breeders strive to produce versatile, loud colored draft horses. The breed is suitable for both riding and driving and has a gentle personality.
  • Identificação da Fruugo: 52450237-105985576
  • EAN: 4892900888798
  • Matrícula de retalhista: GB882623309

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