175mm Shower Door Handles (17.5cm Hole to Hole) - Stainless Steel - 175HAS

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175mm Shower Door Handles (17.5cm Hole to Hole) - Stainless Steel - 175HAS

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175mm shower door handle replacement made from stainless steel, polished to give it an excellent finish. This handle has been designed and manufactured by Di Vapor. All of our shower handles are stocked in our West Midlands based warehouse and are available for next day delivery, ensuring you get your shower fixed in a timely fashion.Included: - 175mm Shower Door Handle - Allen Key for Installation175mm Shower Door Handle Information - Works for Glass Thickness: 2mm to 12mm - Minimum Glass Hole Diameter Required: 7mm / 0.7cm - Handle Style: Rectangle back to back design, separable with a grub screw (allen key included). - Distance Between Centre Points: 175mm / 17.5cm (6.89 inches) (from glass hole centre to glass hole centre). - Material: Stainless SteelChoosing the Right Shower Door Handle Replacement PartOne important question to ask when scouting for a handle is whether it is the right one for your current shower door. Here are some details to consider:– Thickness of the glass shower door– Diameter of the predrilled holes in the glass– Distance of the holes from each otherThe handle must fit the specifications of your glass door to ensure you are purchasing the correct replacement part. Particulars of this replacement handle are stated above.Characteristics of the Shower Door Handle 175mmThis stainless steel shower door handle cannot be found just on any other store. It is thoughtfully made by Di Vapor with quality, feel, and ease of installation in mind. Stainless steel has a certain level of resistance against rust and corrosion; hence the handle will last a long time. Being a dense metal, stainless steel possesses just the right amount of weight; not too heavy and not too light. This 175mm shower door handle has a grub screw located on the underside of the back-to-back handle for hassle-free fitting.There are three other sizes of this shower door replacement handle:- 170mm- 200mm- 256mmHow to Replace a Shower Door HandleThe 175mm shower door handle is a vertical style handgrip. It can be installed on a sliding or hinged shower door easily. The Allen key provided with it serves as a practical tool for handle attachment DIY.1. Remove the old handle. Some handles have screws covered by a screw cap. Take the screw cap off and unscrew the handle.2. Separate both sides of the new handle by loosening the allen grub screws.3. Completely unscrew the bolt from the one handle (with the attached brass tapered connector),4. Place 1 plastic washer either side of the glass and next to the handle you just unscrewed the bolt from. Screw the bolt (with attached gold taper) back into the handle. Do this for the top and bottom holes.5. Re-fit the other half of the handle over the tightening gold tapers and gently tighten (do not over tighten) the allen screws to finish installation.About Di VaporFor more than ten years, Di Vapor exists to provide steam showers, cabins, and whirlpool baths. The company also supplies genuine and quality spare parts for shower valves, shower enclosures, hot tubs, and kitchen taps. Di Vapor’s own products are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified meeting the best standards of quality.

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