160mm Solid Stainless Steel Shower Door Handle | 16cm Hole to Hole

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160mm Solid Stainless Steel Shower Door Handle | 16cm Hole to Hole

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160mm Solid Stainless Steel Shower Door Handle | 16cm Hole to HoleA very high quality chrome plated stainless steel shower door handle. The heavy duty handle will be ideal for any door which has fixing holes that measure 160mm (16cm) apart (measuring from middle of hole to middle of hole).The fixing bolt is approximately 4mm in width - Therefore a mounting hole of 5mm minimum is required. Easy fitting - Simply unscrew your old handle and refit your new handle in minutes.Overall Length: 192mmOverall Width: 23mmGlass Thickness: Up to 10mmThis is an official Di Vapor product and will be dispatched the same day if your order is placed before 2.30pm.Need help to ensure you will buy the correct shower door replacement handle? - Please contact us with your query. We will get back to you as quickly as we can.Shower door handles come in different shapes, measurements, and finishes. A vertical handle usually accompanies a shower door that swings open or close, while a long horizontal handle can be found on sliding shower doors. Over a span of time, screws that affix the handle can loosen or break, and the handle itself can corrode. Tightening the screws can easily address a loosened handle. Back-to-back handles can be found on frameless shower doors. This type of handle has a screw cap that can be pried out using a pair of pliers to access the fastening screws.The correct shower door replacement handle for your frameless glass shower door will depend on the width of the holes and distance between them. This handle by Di Vapor has a distance of 16 centimeters (160mm) from one hole to another. The pre-drilled hole in your shower door must be at least 5mm in diameter. Also, consider the thickness of your glass door.Need a longer shower door handle?- This replacement part has a 192mm version.Installing a Shower Door HandleRemoving and replacing a handle for your shower door requires the use of a pair of pliers. Watch out that the hardware tool does not come in contact with the door itself to prevent scoring the glass.1. Removing the Screw CapsGrip a pair of pliers on the caps of the handle to be replaced. Turn it with an anticlockwise motion to ease the caps off and unscrew to remove the handle. Use a slightly wet rag to clean the screw slots. 2. Affixing the New HandlePosition the new handle aligning it with the slots on your shower door. Tighten it with a screwdriver until it is lodged immovable.3. Fitting the Screw CapsUsing the pliers, hold a rug in-between it and the new caps. Set the caps in place with a quarter to half clockwise turn. Take extra care the small parts do not fall off while fitting it in. We provide a selection of Shower Door Handles.- Please jump to this link to see the various designs and sizes.
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